Do Merrell Shoes Run Small: All Of Your Sizing Questions Answered

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When buying shoes, size is critical. If your shoe does not fit, it can cause pain and discomfort. Larger shoes will be harder to walk around in as well. What about Merrell shoes? So, do Merrell shoes run small?

Merrell shoes are high-quality and built for the outdoors. However, some think that their shoes run a little small. But that is not always the case. If the size is right for you, the shoes will fit perfectly.

Merrell has their complete sizing guide on their website. If you know your shoe size, you can cross-check it with Merrell’s shoe size guide to find the perfect pair.

Factors Affecting Merrell Shoe Sizing

Factors Affecting Merrell Shoe Sizing

Merrell takes a couple of things into consideration when it comes to sizing. Product designers need to keep a lot of factors in mind when deciding shoe sizing:

Understanding Different Foot Shapes

Different foot shapes are among the most important factors in deciding shoe sizing. There are quite a few different foot shapes in the world. And each has its unique characteristics. 

Since different people can have different foot shapes, it must be factored in when deciding on sizing. You have three typical foot shapes; the Egyptian foot, the Greek foot, and the Roman foot.

The toes align differently in each of these shapes. Different feet can also have different arches, which will play some role in it all. 

Some people have very high arches, others might not even have arches, or they will be relatively flat. Some feet are narrow, while others are wider. All these are crucial things to consider when deciding on a shoe and what size to offer it in.

Influence of Shoe Design on Sizing

Merrell, of course, has a lot of different kinds of shoes. They have shoes for men, women, kids, for hiking, trailing, work, and more. Apart from different shoes for different use cases, each model’s design can also differ.

Designers need to perfectly balance the shoe’s design and the size which most fits its design language. Some designs might need a different size to fit comfortably. These little details are very important when settling on a sizing chart.

Some Merrell shoes are made for hiking. At the same time, others are made for trails. They have sneakers, kids’ shoes, and more. That is why Merrell clearly states which shoe is for what kind of activity.

Impact of Material and Construction on Fit

Different materials act differently. Some materials might be stretchy, while others might have a tighter fit. As a result, Merrell’s shoe designers need to design shoes with the behavior of the particular material in mind.

Moreover, Merrell is big on sustainability. Their laces are 100% recycled, for example. They pride themselves on sourcing recycled materials that are organic and renewable. In addition, Merrell shoes have 70% upper mesh.

Therefore shoe designers need to determine how these material constraints will impact sizing. Merrell shoes use materials like EVA foam, TPU, and more.

Additionally, some shoes might have special features and technologies which enhance grip, comfort, or breathability. All these introduce challenges for shoe designers when deciding the sizes.

Exploring the Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Sizes

Men and women shoe sizing is fundamentally different. While there are unisex shoes, not all shoe sizes fit everybody. And they are not supposed to. Back in the day, most shoes were designed by men. Why? Because men were the ones who needed robust, high-quality shoes.

As more and more women started joining the workforce and going out more, they also needed tough, comfortable shoes.

There are size and shape differences. One common misconception about men’s and women’s feet is that women’s feet are simply smaller. That is not true. There are many more differences. Women have naturally wider hips. Which means the pressure points on their feet are very different.

Moreover, women also have higher arches. So, women’s shoes must fit that arch and should feel comfortable. So, when deciding how to size a specific shoe, Merrell looks into who will wear it – is it a men’s or a woman’s shoe? This allows them to make high-quality, durable, and comfortable shoes.

The Merrell Sizing Guide

Merrell Shoes Sizing Guide

We all know Merrell makes some very high-quality shoes. However, where a lot of people stumble is picking the right size shoe for themselves. Shoe size matters. And picking the perfect pair starts with understanding what size will be right for you.

How to Measure Your Feet Accurately

Measure your feet to get the correct sizing first. Place two big pieces of paper on the floor. It is better to tape the paper to the ground so it does not move. Now, place a pen perpendicular to the paper and trace an outline of your feet.

Grab a rule and then measure the distance between the toes and heel. You might notice that there is a difference between your two feet. Do not worry; this is completely fine. In that case, you should take the largest size.

There might be some differences between the line and the physical shoe as well. In that case, you can subtract 3/16 from your measurement. After that, simply cross-check with Merrell’s shoe sizing guide.

For the most comfort, leave about a quarter – ½ inch space between the longest toe and the end of the shoe when measuring the size.

Decoding Merrell Shoe Size Charts

Merrell has their full sizing guide on the website. But what does it mean? Since Merrell is US based, they use US sizing standards. US sizing is the same as AU sizing. But they also have size guidelines for other regions as well.

Use Merrell’s official sizing guide and compare it with yours. You will be able to figure out which size is right for you. They have different sizing charts for men and women. So, keep that in mind.

Tips for Choosing the Right Size for You

Interestingly, your feet do not stay the same size throughout the day. Here are some tips that will help you pick the perfect size for you:

Measure Your Feet At the End of the Day

Your feet are the largest at the end of the day. Therefore, it is always best to measure your feet at the end of the day to get the most accurate numbers.

Buy the Right Size for You Now

Always buy the right shoe size for you now. Do not hope that the shoe will ‘stretch’ over time. You need to buy shoes that fit and shoes that are comfortable.

Check the Shape of the Shoe

Apart from the sizing guide, check the shoe’s shape as well. It will give you a good visual indication of whether they will be comfortable or not. Of course, if you can wear it and run a few steps, do that.

Unveiling the Truth: Do Merrell Shoes Run Small?

One common discourse you will see online is people discussing whether Merrell shoes run small. So, what is the big deal? You do not hear this with other brands.

Debunking the Common Perception

Merrell makes their shoes true to size. Sometimes their shoes do run a bit small, but that is an exception. Some shoes might not fit you perfectly, even if you used their online shoe size guide correctly. This is due to a couple of things.

The shoe’s materials and the shape of your feet play a role in the fit. People with wide feet might find Merrell shoes very comfortable. In contrast, the shoe might not fit if you have average feet.

The length of your feet can also throw off the shoe’s sizing. Always try the shoe to ensure that it fits you and that you are comfortable. How your shoe will fit also depends on the type of socks you wear. Thicker socks will take up more space in the shoe; thinner socks will not.

Comparing Merrell Shoes to Other Brands

Merrell makes high-quality, durable shoes for all kinds of use. They have shoes for hiking, trailing, work, and more. They even use high-quality leather or synthetic material with breathable mesh that keeps your feet fresh.

Moreover, many of their shoes are waterproof with quality Vibram rubber outsoles. Therefore, Merrell is just as durable and high-quality, if not better, than other brands.

Customer Reviews and Feedback on Sizing

Customers who bought Merrell shoes are happy with their purchase. And their shoes fit perfectly. Since some people think their shoe size runs smaller sometimes, they go one size up on the length if they have wider feet.

In general, customers say that their shoes fit them perfectly. Moreover, they are also comfortable and breathable.


The right shoe size is very important for a comfortable fit. If your shoe does not fit properly, you might bruise your feet and not get the most out of it. So, do Merrell shoes run small?

Merrell shoes do run a bit small in some cases. However, that will not be the case for everyone and it is rare. It depends on the size and shape of your feet. Therefore, it is better to always measure your feet before you purchase a shoe.

And if possible, try the shoes in the store. Check the shoe’s design and consider what kind of socks you want to wear with it. Merrell has a pretty comprehensive size guide as well. You can use that to help your purchasing decision.


How do I know if a Merrell shoe is the right size for me?

Measure your feet correctly at the end of the day to get the perfect shoe size. Also, check Merrell’s site to compare your size to their chart. If you buy it in the store, you can try it on.

Are Merrell shoes suitable for wide feet?

People with wide feet will be comfortable in Merrell shoes if they get the proper size. Make sure you know which size shoe fits you. In addition, also consider what kind of socks you will wear with them.

What if the size I need is not available?

If a particular design does not come in the right size, it is better to avoid buying it in a different size. Opt for one that comes in the right size, or visit the store and try the shoes in person. You can also contact Merrell customer service.

Should I buy Merrell shoes online or in-store?

If you have the option, it is always better to buy in-store. The biggest reason is you will be able to try it on. It is generally riskier to buy shoes online. However, Merrell’s size guide makes buying shoes online easier.

Can I wear Merrell shoes without socks?

Merrell uses soft, high-quality materials for the interior of their shoes. Moreover, they use a breathable mesh, making their shoes pretty comfortable to wear without socks.

Are Merrell shoes durable and long-lasting?

Merrell makes some of the most high-quality shoes out there. Additionally, their shoes have cool technologies like waterproofing and more. Their shoes are the perfect choice if you are a casual hiker or like outdoor adventures.

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